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About Us

How we do the things we do.

Design Invasion is a graphic design and marketing agency that helps companies and organizations
find their visual voice.


What does this mean?


Since we're first and foremost graphic designers, it means everything we do starts with the foundation
your company is built on: your brand. We believe a brand is more than just having your logo on a business card. A brand embodies everything that's important about your company, what it believes, how it thinks and how it's perceived by others. A well designed brand has the power to engage, excite and tell a story
in its own voice.


Whether we're using your existing brand or creating one from scratch, we research, look, listen and get to know what makes your company tick. We want to know what makes your company or organization special. From there, we'll design, write, position, create and develop pieces that are specific to your organization and that are easily recognized as yours.


We’ll help you create a language that sets a defining tone and a delivery that’s uniquely yours through brand development and design that says what you need to say the way you need it said. Stand out in the marketplace. Speak courageously with your own voice.

What we can do for you

Below is a list of the services we provide. Not sure what you need? Give us a shout...we can help.

Brand Development
Tagline Development
Copy Writing



Graphic Design

Marketing Strategy & Development

Social Media Strategy & Implementation
Trade Show Exhibit and Collateral Design



Environmental Signage

Exterior Signage

Wayfinding Systems


Our Team

Laura Sawyer Messing - Commander-in-Chief

Graphic Design Boston

Laura Sawyer Messing is an award-winning graphic designer, writer and speaker. She has been the fearless leader and plate spinner at Design Invasion since 2001.


Laura's love of graphic design came at a very young age–she gravitated towards anything with type on it: shoes, clothes, posters and signs. She really loved seeing type where it "didn't" belong–like on a handbag–and always wondered how printed objects were actually produced. Graphic design wasn't on her radar then. She didn't really know what it was
until she entered college at the Kansas City Art Institute. That's when everything clicked, and she has been covering the world with type
ever since.

Brand developement became her sweet spot within the design industry.
She has worked with major corporations and franchises as well as start- ups and small businesses. In addition to her mad design skills, Laura is a noted speaker on the subject of branding. Her talks, Branding for Small Business and Be the Brand: Corporate Strategies for Personal Growth, teach people branding fundamentals and how a strong brand can take them to the next level in their careers and in life.


While she has to show some restraint, Laura has never stopped collecting objects with crazy or hand generated type, like old cookbooks and matchbooks. And, she still gets a thrill when one of her logos is made into a sign. It never gets old.

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