Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse
Brand Development


Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse is a well-known, family-friendly chain of restaurants on the East Coast. They were a favorite with small children because of thier animatronic talking animals throughout the restaurant.


In an effort to make their brand more classic and less cartoony, they asked Design Invasion to revamp their logo, menu design, positioning copy and signage to reflect the rugged, hearty food featured on their updated menu. Our friends at Culinary Architects were engaged in the creation of the new menu items as well as brightening up the interior (and the transitioning away from the aforementioned talking moose).


The result of the combined effort gave Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse an exciting new look, feel and taste.

How do you transition a beloved restaurant brand to a new, more upscale identity? Focus on the steak. Less on Moose and Squirrel.

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