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Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce
Brand Development, Marketing Collateral

Burlington, Massachusetts – a town just outside of Boston – is quickly becoming a hub of technology companies and corporate headquarters. To keep up with their status as a great place to do business, the Chamber of Commerce needed a branding makeover to put them on the map.

Graphic Design Boston


Often, a chamber of commerce builds their brand around
a certain geographical or architectural feature specific to their area. Burlington, Massachusetts was not so fortunate in this category. Established in 1799, Burlington was historically known as a crossroads between already established towns: no shoreline, no mountains, no awesome bell tower. Nada. Just an intersection.


But today, intersections can lead to exciting places.

Burlington is still a crossroads – both literally and metaphorically – but for reasons vastly different than in 1799. While it's true that Burlington has three main highways running through it, its central location and close proximity to Boston make it the ideal place to do business. In fact, Burlington is home to several major tech companies and headquarters to a myriad of others.
And it's growing at a rapid pace.


To celebrate Burlington's growth and exciting reputation
as a place that businesses want to be, the Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce asked Design Invasion to help develop a brand that was fresh, innovative and that concisely illustrated the concepts that make Burlington great. The result is a brand that highlights Burlington's friendly community, strong business base and growing technology core–all while showing that a crossroads is a place where people and ideas come together.




Graphic Design Boston
Graphic Design Boston
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