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Culinary Architects
Brand Development, Marketing Collateral

Graphic Design Boston


Chris LaRocca is no stranger to the restaurant game.
He's been working in restaurants since he was a youngster, starting his career as a busser at his family's establishment. 35+ years later Chirs' consulting company, Culinary Architects, has become one of the nation's top restaurant consulting companies. Chances are, you've eaten at a concept he helped develop or has worked with.


When Chris asked us to refresh some marketing materials,
it was clear he needed a bit more: a complete branding overhaul and redesign of his marketing materials. The result was a brighter, bolder look that more authentically reflects his creative menus and his overall approach to
restaurant development.

One of the nation's foremost restaurant tastemakers gets a new look for his established consulting company.

Graphic Design Boston
Graphic Design Boston
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