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Case Study


We Are Deviators.



A brand new and entirely BOLD video game company wanted to be competitive right out of the gate. No wasting time. They had a strong sense of who they were, what they were doing, and where they were going — and they needed a strategic branding partner to put that all into visuals. That’s not all … the stakes were high: All of this would be unveiled to an international audience at Summer Game Fest!


At Design Invasion, we are also fans of being competitive and not wasting any time — so we jumped on this like Mario jumping on Goomba. (Oh the hours we spent on Mario Bros. back in the day!)

Success: / Solution:


Deviation Games officially launched and unveiled their website at Summer Game Fest, and shortly after announced their partnership with Sony. From an e-commerce site and an office build-out, to a soccer jersey, our first candy wall, and an inaugural logo-cake, Deviation has it all.

Services Provided:


Brand Development

Website Development



Collateral Design

Presentation Decks


Tradeshow/Event Design

Experiential Design (Office Interior)

Product Sourcing



Press Releases


Deviation wanted a company that was different, based on their core values. With the leadership team, we articulated those values, dove in, and brought it all to life visually. As always, it’s not just about creating an incredible logo — it’s also about creating an incredible logo that can go everywhere: from games to swag and merch to trade shows. Amidst several options, a logo mark and word mark took shape, and they were clear winners; Deviation Games was armed and ready to go into battle.

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