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Scent Dogs
Brand Development

A dog with a talented nose deserves a brand that works
as hard as he does.

Graphic Design Boston


Dogs are man’s best friends, especially when they are trained to do the things we can’t. Scent dogs is a company that specializes in discreet narcotics detection led by a friendly Yellow Lab with a discerning nose. The husband and wife team (a security expert and dog trainer, respectively) needed a logo that was engaging and thought-provoking while being strong enough to convey the serious work they do.


We created a custom illustration and kept the color palette simple. The logo evokes insignias worn by military or emergency personnel–a look that integrated seamlessly from their printed pieces, to their website to apparel. After all, when you’re a dog on official business, you have to look the part.

Graphic Design Boston
Graphic Design Boston
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