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Marketing Collateral

Life. Saving. Technology. The HearWare HVAD Pump is exactly that. We're excited to be assisting HeartWare's marketing department with several internal and external marketing pieces.


Chris LaRocca and Powell Kalish have a restaurant with
a problem everyone wants: overwhelming success. Not a bad problem to have. When they decided to take things
to the next level by offering franchises, they knew there were a lot of moving parts that needed to be unified so they looked as attractive to franchisees as they did to their customers. They turned to Design Invasion to help them shore up their brand and position them for success in the crowded fast-casual restaurant category. We helped
them create a recognizable logo–one that could be easily read on exterior signage as well as menus and promos. We then carved out a position that was uniquely theirs:
artisan fast.


From there, we extended their brand through messaging, print collateral, restaurant signage, packaging, website
and trade show displays. The result is an exciting brand
that works for their consumer facing pieces while attracting new franchisees.

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