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Ciao! Mi Chiamo Laura

I don’t just speak fluent design. I also speak fluent Italian, thanks to my time at design school in Florence. When you speak someone’s language, connection comes more naturally. That’s how I view the possibilities and opportunities of design and branding. 

Whether you’re a pharmaceutical company or a restaurant, you are capable of making a connection. Amore isn’t just for gondola-riding newlyweds in Venice. It’s for brands and their customers. Let me help your brand — and all of its unique strengths — connect with your market deliciously. Let me ensure they love you. 

My Superpowers + Quirks + Fun Facts

I excel at:

  • Asking questions to read between the lines.

  • Recalling and reciting advertising jingles from the 1970s until today.

  • Cooking and all things baking.

  • Curating a killer wardrobe.

Also, I love doing things that scare me, and giving back:

  • Pageant girl: I was Mrs. Massachusetts America, 2021. 

  • Board Member at The Mama Bear Effect.

  • Chieftain (President) of Clan Leslie Society International, an organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the history and culture of Scotland. 

How Did I Get Here?

I interned at D’Arcy, where they invented the Budweiser frogs and where we learned that by eating Skittles you could "Taste the Rainbow". I saw that everything I loved about advertising existed in an actual job. But I couldn’t get my hands dirty enough. Big agencies didn’t have the buy-in I craved. So I worked at a small agency. The lessons I learned were invaluable. With these new skills and an abundance of confidence in my design abilities, I decided to strike out on my own.

When I started Design Invasion in 2001, I promised myself a few things:

  • I will tell you the truth … whether it makes me money or not.

  • I will never lie about aesthetics.

  • I will always tell you WHY.

  • I will listen deeply … but I won’t be a YES-woman. (A yes-woman won’t do you any favors; she won’t grow your business or help you achieve your goals.)

I take your success very personally. Pretty isn’t good enough. You’re in business to make MONEY. If I can’t help you make money, I won’t sleep at night.  

Need a design agency who can take over? That’s us.
(I didn’t name the company design suggestion.)

Let us help you claim your rightful place in the market.

Ready to connect? Let’s schedule a meeting or a Zoom. Ci vediamo! 

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