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Case Study


Time Traveling Tastemakers.



Specializing in all things beautiful, Leslie & Baggott, Ltd. is newly minted art and antiques company located in Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Despite their newness, the collective experience of the founding partners runs deep…think prestige auction houses (to give you an idea.) This is a team that knows something about high-end luxury items, and they needed a logo that conveyed a sense of longevity, quality and elegance without being stuffy.

Because Leslie & Baggott operate in an arena of exclusivity, they needed a brand to set them apart. Enter Design Invasion.



This brand had a lot riding on it. I needed to look as if it had been around forever. It needed to be fresh. It needed to have gravitas. With all of this in mind, we knew beautiful typography would be the hallmark of the logo. After presenting several options for a “modern monogram,” one clearly stood out. With its swooshing ampersand that not only linked – but became a part of – the “L” and the “B,” we had logomark with the clean elegance we craved, worthy of becoming an icon.

Success: / Solution:


We loved working with the team at Leslie & Baggott. They gave us the freedom to take a deep dive into the brand and trusted us to do what we do best. The branding process produced not only a meaningful mark, but announcements, print ads, packaging, and signage. The Leslie & Baggott brand continues to enjoy success and operates out of a lovely showroom on a Scottish estate!

Services Provided:


Brand Development


Collateral Design


Exterior Signage
Tagline Creation
Ad Design

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