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A good brand looks nice.

A great brand impacts people.

At Design Invasion, we go for bold. Our Boston-based boutique agency started in Saint Louis 20 years ago, and has helped clients, nationwide, to increase connection, loyalty and sales through impactful design and branding.


You deserve more than good.

You deserve great

At Design Invasion, you’ll see the difference.

A Boston design + branding agency with St. Louis roots, Design Invasion is known for quality, competence, and fearless impact. We serve clients — across a variety of industries — who crave boldness, disruption, and a partner who can’t sleep at night until they succeed.

Everything says something.
What does your brand say?

From the graffiti shirts we wore in the 80s, to the color of your car — everything says something. Every choice you make leaves a mark.

That gives you power.

Are you using that power when it comes to your brand?

Your brand can make people NOTICE. It can make them say WOW.  It can make them ACT. It can make you MONEY.

Or, it can just make them think, Eh.

Wield your power wisely. (We’ll ensure you do.) 

Design impact should never be small.

Because when it’s big, and it’s beautiful, and it’s just right, it phases everything else out.

It invades their senses.

It subconsciously takes over.

It makes things happen.

At Design Invasion, we’re in it for the magnitude. Making things happen, making people love you, heightening your success — that’s the power of design and brands and signs and words. And we live for it.

At Design Invasion, you’re never getting an intern. It’s too important; you’ll always have the top brass. We keep our client roster intimate, so we can uphold the standards, and provide the successes we have become known for. Nothing happens here without the direction and approval of our chieftain, Laura Sawyer Messing.

We can do anything a big agency can do and we can do it better.




Santa Monica, CA


We know who we are, but what the heck do we look like?

Level complete!



St. Louis, MO

A burgeoning franchise needed help pulling everything together.

We crushed it!


Auchencairn, Scotland

A UK luxury brand needs to make its mark.

Transcending traditional.


Ciao, Mi Chiamo Laura.

I don’t just speak fluent design. I also speak fluent Italian, thanks to my time at design school in Florence. When you speak someone’s language, connection comes more naturally. That’s how I view the possibilities and opportunities of design and branding.


Our boutique branding agency is just the right size and strength for stellar outcomes.

We stay small-ish, and we keep our client roster intimate, so we can bring all of the agency-benefit, without the agency inefficiency / waste. See the difference at Design Invasion, a just-right-sized boutique agency that delivers personalized-attention and industry-leading creative.

Big for big’s sake won’t do you any favors. Our clients (who found us after leaving “big” agencies) reported that at those agencies, they experienced: 

  •  Watered-down effort and attention.
  •  Chaos behind the scenes.
  •  Hours of inefficiency (which they got   
     charged for).
  •  Half-assed ideas from half-invested

That’s not our style, at all.

At Design Invasion, you get our full force, our mastery, and our battalion of hand-selected, creative heavy hitters. You’ll get distilled effort and strategy that result in smarter, stronger outcomes.

We bank on it. 

In fact, we’ve banked our livelihood on it, and it’s served us well. We’ve been using design to invade hearts and minds for 20+ years, and we’re going strong / still conquering new terrain.

At Design Invasion, you get a cleanly-run boutique agency, efficiency like no other, outstanding creative chops, and a partner who is deeply invested in your success.

And we know you’ll see the difference.

Try us.

Don’t choose a bigger agency — when you can choose better.

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